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Tilt-up Benefits
Tilt-up Resources
Tilt-up Concrete Construction
Tilt-up is a type of concrete construction with all concrete components being constructed on the job site. This economical solution provides a cost-effective and time saving build process, and eliminates size limitations since the panels are poured directly on site. The panels are formed horizontally on a concrete slab and then tilted into position with a crane. Once in position, the pieces will be braced until all remaining building components are secured.

EnCon Field Services Tilt-up Panels Features:
• Rigid wall, large box structure or other panelized buildings
• Effective cost structure and time savings
• Cast on site
• Forming, reinforcement, embeds, placement and finishing work included
• High level of efficiency
• Durable with a long service life
• Low maintenance requirements
• Abundant design opportunities
• Rigid product tolerances
• Multiple textures and designs
• Attention to detail and high level of product quality

Tilt-up Concrete Services
Core Services of EFS Tilt-up:
• Strict adherence to product tolerances
• Tilt-up precast speed, economy and design opportunities
• Single source supplier for manufacturing, installation and maintenance work
• Quick installation up to 13,000 ft² per day
• Tilt-up panels are sustainable building components and limit environmental impact of building construction through elimination of product shipping and multiple handlings
• Warranty period is included with all projects
• Direct access to a team of experienced Tilt-up engineers bringing value to the design collaboration process
• Experienced in assessment and repair of existing Tilt-up structures
• EFS staff brings significant experience from the precast concrete market
• Cast on site, with the unique ability to cast highly detailed or architectural panels in a precast plant
• EFS brings significant capacity and financial depth from our corporate structure
• Negotiation of supplies and contracts required for Tilt-up projects
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